To our amazingly playful and adventurous DvT trainees,

Welcome to an all new, trans-institutional, never-offered-before student exchange initiative. DvT institutes worldwide are now opening their doors to the international trainee community [repeating element].

You, being the DvT trainee that you are, can now visit other DvT programs, play with fellow trainees, “cross-culturilate” and experience DvT as it is practiced beyond your immediate territory [non-repeating element].

If you are adventurous at heart, want to add international perspective to your practice, or just wish to travel and this is the right excuse for you – take a look at our 2017 international training schedule below.

International DvT Student Exchange:
An open invitation

Here’s how it works:

  • Trainees will cover their own travel expenses.

  • The recommended guest training fee for locally led training workshops will stand at 15 Euros per day.

  • The guest training fee for an internationally led masterclass may be higher. Please communicate with hosting training institute for actual fee.

  • Visiting trainees will be hosted by the local training community during the training days.

  • Trainees can schedule additional supervision or training therapy hours while visiting in coordination with program leaders.

Make plans to enjoy our international DvT community and feel free to contact us for additional inquiries and information.


Playfully yours,

DvT Training Programs International